The right way to think about
(Hint: It’s more than just a database.)

Most organizations think of as a database. But in reality, Salesforce is a culture, one of sharing and collaboration. When organizations embrace the Salesforce culture shift of sharing, the conversation changes and organizations see their work – and goals – more clearly.

Used correctly, Salesforce encourages innovation. That innovation can turn one-off interactions into engaged customers and lasting, long-term relationships.

Without this important transformation, Salesforce is just one more contact database no one uses. Tailored to the way you work.

I do more than just plan, I help you launch Salesforce. I take the reins and help you turn Salesforce into an effective, customized system that works for you, not against you.

I manage all the mind-numbing details, and ask (and answer) the big questions: How should technology best support volunteers, fundraising and your organization as a whole?

Once everything is humming along, I make sure Salesforce keeps up with you as you grow, with maintenance, training, or both.